Arkadiusz Gondro - serwis łuczniczy ArGon
ul. Partyzancka 109
45-801 Opole
NIP: 9910430222
REGON: 161516530



We are archers, we shoot all kinds of bows, we make strings to every bow.


          We produce strings for traditional bows, recurve and compound bows. We possess hardware that allows us to produce up to 2,000 strings for traditional bows or recurve and 150 complete string sets for compound bows a month. We cooperate with the largest archery shops and producers of traditional bows in Poland.



            We are perfectionists in what we do. Our strings are made and checked in detail according to the AMO standards.Materials for our string production we buy directly from the manufacturer: BCY Bowstring. Our permanent offer includes strings from the B55 Bowstring material for traditional bows and 452X Bowstring for recurves and compound bows, but we are able to have any other material from the BCY Bowstring offer.



CNC string server prototype was a 100% good idea.

 Design: Adam Cymkiewicz, making: ArGon software: Margol

So we decided to invest more time and money to create another stiffer, stronger, more accurate and faster machine...

and, behold, this is the result:


Design: Adam Cymkiewicz, making: ArGon software: STER SYSTEM Sebastian Kałdus


On the quality of our strings  affects not only our experience but also the quality of the equipment we are working with. Our machines are more stiff and precise than all other devices available on the market for strings .



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